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Cinnamon Chai Circular Cushion Cover Kit

Customize Cinnamon Chai Circular Cushion Cover Kit
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Select Colour A - Lovat DK x Ball
  • Champagne
  • Papaya
  • Polar
  • Flannel
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    In stock

    Pattern available in downloadable format.

    Crocheting with our Donegal Lovat yarn out of the four yarn blends from our
    Cinnamon Chai Homeware set colourway to make a timeless and easy to
    style circular cushion cover to fit anyone’s living room or bedroom!
    Forming part of the Cinnamon Chai Homeware set – including a blanket and
    a striped cushion cover.

    It is an English (US) written pattern.

    Lovat DK
    Colour C: Polar x 8

    Yarn included in the kit:

    Lovat DK
    92% Cotton, 5% cashmere, 3% Silk - Donegal
    114m per 50g ball (125 yards)

    Optional tools for your selection:
    4mm Crochet hook
    8 medium sized buttons
    Large-eyed blunt tip sewing needle
    Stitch markers

    Skill Level:

    Diameter 40
    Depth 6
    These items are already included in the kit:
    • Downloadable pattern
    • Cotton Project Kit Bag