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    Pattern available in downloadable format. A beautiful crochet blanket worked in a colourful pattern designed by Julie Gibbs. “Granny blankets have traditionally been made of brightly coloured squares and edged inconsistent colour, often black or navy blue. They are a timeless symbol of love, hope and comfort and often become family heirlooms. This blanket has been created to celebrate the beautiful, rich colours of the KPC Novomerino range.” – Julie Gibbs It is an English (US) written pattern. Sample Colour: Main colour: Novomerino DK Sidewalk Other colours: Novomerion DK Attic Novomerion DK Beetroot Novomerion DK Berry Bliss Novomerion DK Cayenne Novomerion DK Confetti Novomerion DK Flame Novomerion DK Forest Fruit Novomerion DK Get Ready Novomerion DK Honey Novomerion DK Lucky Heather Novomerion DK Ruby Novomerion DK Saffron Novomerion DK Sherbert Novomerion DK Smoky Grape Novomerion DK Smoothie Novomerion DK Sorbet Novomerion DK Vermillion Materials: Novomerino DK 100% Ultra Fine Merino Wool 107m per 50g ball (117yards) - Queen size: 49 balls -Knee size: 18 balls Tools required: - Clover crochet hooks 4.0mm (7/0) Skill Level: Intermediate