Full-length Sleeve Slouchy Top Regular Pattern

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    Pattern available in downloadable format and printed booklet An everyday staple piece for your wardrobe. Full length sleeves with a boxy shape.Worked in our super soft and lightweight Novomerino 4ply, giving the perfect drape for this oversized slouchy look. This garment’s front and back each consist of two panels joined with an ‘exposed’ central seam. The purl side is used as the RS when garment is finished. Neckline trim is picked up and worked in the round after assembly. The hem is also picked up after assembly and worked along the front and back separately, so as to create side slits. Note, the back hem is longer than the front. It is an English (UK) written pattern, including a measurement diagram. Materials: Novomerino 4ply 100% Ultra Fine Merino Wool 187m per 50g ball (204 yards) - S size: 8 balls - M size: 9 balls - L size: 10 balls Tools required: - Addi Circular Needles 40cm 3.25mm - Addi Circular Needles 60cm 3.25mm - Large-eyed blunt tip sewing needle - Stitch holders Tension: 28 sts and 37 rows Skill Level: Intermediate This style also available in Full-length Sleeve Slouchy Top Regular Kit