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We are delighted to bring you our colourful collection of luxurious hand knit yarns and are proud to say that we know the origins of every single ball we produce.

The KPC journey star ted over seventy years ago in Shanghai. After a move to Macau in the 1950s, the successful family tailoring business grew into Novetex, one of the first completely vertically integrated textile companies in Asia.

In other words, through our parent company Novetex we oversee and manage the entire yarn production process allowing us an unrivalled attention to detail and quality control.

our responsibilities

animal welfare

Our ultra-fine merino wool is from Australia where our sheep, goats and their environment are properly cared for. This means superior fleece producing an exceptionally high quality fibre.

Our impeccable care and attention is not just limited to the well being of our livestock. Our commitment to the highest industry standards carry on throughout the production process. We spin and dye all our fleece and oversee where every ball of wool is wound and packaged.

our environmentally

At KPC sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We believe superior quality yarn should not compromise our precious environment. Our collection has evolved to bring you the most sustainably sourced fibres, helping to preserve our world’s natural beauty.
We strive to use only organic cotton over regular cotton in order to provide quality yarns but also to reduce the chemical harmfulness to the environment used when manufacturing regular cotton. Learn more about the differences between our organic cotton for our Gossyp yarn and regular cotton.

skin friendly

KPC has been Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified which means that we are able to guarantee that all dyes used for the yarns are metal free and skin friendly. The test is applied to every substance used in the dying process and monitors each stage to ensure that no hazardous chemicals with allergic potential are present.

All KPC yarn qualities are using reactive dyestuff. Yarn fibres absorb reactive dyes through a chemical process known as covalent bonding, by which the pigment and fibre molecules join together.

This method of dying has two major advantages:

The colour is absorbed on a molecular level so maximum colour fastness is achieved, meaning KPC yarn can be washed repeatedly with no colour loss or transference.

Reactive dyes are safer and far more environmentally friendly than traditional textile dyes.

The dyes are chemically tailored to react to the specific types of fibre in the yarn (cellulosic in Gossyp and Glencoul, protein-based in Novomerino and Cashmere). This means there is no need for any additional acidic chemicals which have traditionally been used to help a dye penetrate fibres.

social welfare

With our parent company being Novetex we oversee and manage the entire yarn production process allowing us unrivalled attention to the welfare and ethical values of our employees. Making sure their working environment is safe and up to universal standards. Furthermore we source our raw materials from manufactures that shares the same value with us that has credentials/accreditations from acknowledged companies like OCTS and GOTS. As part of our everyday sustainable practises, we only ever source fibres from responsibly managed farms.

our reusable packaging

Our yarn balls are so smooth that we have created our own method of packaging to hold the balls together with our distinctive ribbon and label.
Each of our yarn blends have their own coloured ribbon to easily distinguish between fibre composition. Head over to our yarns to find out more.
Use our ribbon to keep your ball of wool intact between projects.
We created a unique packaging to hold the balls together which entails our distinctive ribbon and label with all the information about the yarn weight, yarn colour, needle details and many more. The purpose of the ribbon is to keep your yarn balls intact between projects. Keep your label for a record in case of reordering.
Once you have finished your project, our ribbon can be reused by sewing on to the project and you can write on it for example the name of the knitter for when gifting the receiver has a sentimental knowledge of who made it! Our label can be used again as a gift tag - there’s even space to write your own name or message. If not keep it and use a piece of yarn and thread through the hole in the corner to be kept for your own record.

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