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We strive for better fibre choice wherever possible.
Choosing organic, recycled and natural - to provide quality yarns with reduced environmental impact

At KPC we pride ourselves on our ability to provide luxurious, colourful and eco-friendly options to all crafters. Our huge spectrum of shades, combined with our eco-friendly expertise, has become something we are recognised by worldwide.

We strive for better fibre choice wherever possible. Choosing organic, recycled and natural - to provide quality yarns with reduced environmental impact.

We choose to work only with suppliers that share the same values as us. Suppliers we trust, who can provide credentials and accreditations from acknowledged companies such as GRS, OCS, OEKO-TEX and GOTS.

Our planet’s life support is our ecosystem and biodiversity and if we are destroying that we are inevitably destroying our planet!

Not only using natural fibres is our only agenda but merging innovative fibres like LYOCELL LENZING REFIBRATM in our latest limited edition yarn with The Billie System.

Still, few consumers realise just how much textile waste happens before their clothes even reach them: a whopping 15 per cent is lost as offcuts.

Source: The National Geographic

The REFIBRATM technology upcycles cotton textile offcuts from garment production in addition to wood pulp to produce TENCELTM Lyocell fibres to be then spun into yarn. The REFIBRATM technology is a step closer to creating a circular economy in the textile industry and ours in the hand knit yarn industry.

We also have a water treatment system for excess water left from the dye process to be treated for oxidation - meaning removing any organic biodegradable pollutants for the water.
Having this system allow us to reuse the water multiple of types without wasting water or polluting marine ecosystem.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide luxurious, colourful and
eco-friendly options to all crafters.

We choose to work only with creators
that share the same values as us.

kpc x the billie

Collaborating with The Billie System has enabled us to take our fibre choice to the next level. The Billie are experts in yarn sustainability and share our core values which has meant we have been able to provide you with an incredibly special selection of yarns.

These yarns have combined the expertise of The Billie’s patented system alongside the spinning and colour knowledge of KPC.




KPC and The Billie hope to challenge the status quo surrounding the stigma of ‘recycled’ to show you that upcycling is as good as,
if not better, than new!




We have crafted two unique and eco-friendly with low environmental impact yarns that can cater to a wide variety of projects and skill levels.


50% RWS Wool 30% Recycled Cotton 20% Recycled Silk

Colour from left to right:
Comet, Neptune, Wanderlust and Spectrum

Our ‘Interstellar’ range is a fusion of fibres from Mother Earth, perfect for the cooler seasons and easy for all crafters to create with. ‘Interstellar’ has great stitch definition and drapes beautifully thanks to its special composition. Containing both recycled cotton & silk from discarded textile waste, it has vast environmental savings whilst providing a touch of luxury.

Our wool, RWS certified, meets the global
Responsible Wool Standard, ensuring our wool comes from farms that meet the Five Freedoms of animal welfare; putting the mental and physical well-being of animal as a priority whist managing their land with upmost care and attention.

Explore the colours here


40% Organic Cotton 30% Lyocell-Lenzing Refibra 20% Recycled Cotton

Laguna, Paddock & Salt Lake

Our ‘Eden’ range is another special blend inspired by nature and accessible to all crafters. ‘Eden’ is suitable for all year round, soft to work with and great for all projects from summer knits through to crocheted homeware. The organic and recycled cotton fused in ‘Eden’ gives huge environmental savings when compared to yarns of regular virgin fibre.

Our GOTS & OCS certified organic cotton means our fibre is grown and processed according to international organic standards - avoiding the use of toxic chemicals or synthetic pesticides.

Lyocell-Lenzing Refibra provides beautiful sheen and drape with further environmental benefits. The Lenzing process involves upcycling disposed cotton waste in addition to wood pulp to create a new fibre.
This gives a second life to the cotton waste which otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated.

Explore the colours here

kpc x jacqui fink

The #Knitwell Collection

The #Knitwell capsule collection is a collaboration between KPC Yarn and extreme knitter and textile artist, Jacqui Fink. Combining a shared passion for natural fibres and high-quality yarns, #Knitwell comprises a collection of luxurious yarns and hand-knit designs with a timeless and understated beauty.

Imagined by Jacqui Fink and milled by KPC Yarn, bringing years of experience with them, the #Knitwell yarns are made from recycled cashmere, Australian merino wool and recycled cotton. The knitwear and textile pieces that accompany them have been designed by Jacqui Fink and developed by KPC Yarn’s in-house pattern-makers.

The collection embodies our desire to create yarns and textiles, on a scale accessible to all knitting and crocheting enthusiasts, that support the ethical treatment of animals; are environmentally friendly, and follow responsible protocols and sustainable practices. For the maker, the new collection offers 26 enduring classics in 26 beautiful colours.


Super Chunky
100% merino wool
Super Chunky
70% recycled cashmere
30% cashmere
70% recycled cashmere
30% cashmere
60% recycled cotton
20% nylon 20% linen-donegal


Ali & Oli
Mother & Kid Sweater
From $350
Slip Stitch
Cushion Covers
From $2,220
Cowl Neck
From $1,675
From $1,000

The #Knitwell collection was designed by Jacqui for all women who favour an effortless and earthy aesthetic. The range is chic and contemporary, embracing relaxed-but-beautiful functionality over a more polished style. The collaboration with KPC involved many talented women, from a number of creative disciplines. Jacqui is devoted to celebrating and acknowledging the contributions of these inspiring multi-taskers and problem-solvers and has named a design after each of them.

Have a look through the #Knitwell Collection lookbook to see the different styles.

Featured Goodies

About Jacqui Fink


Australian artist Jacqui Fink is known for reimagining the traditional craft of hand knitting through the creation of exaggerated woollen textile forms, both powerful in their scale and demonstrative of her reverence of the materials origins in the natural world. Every aspect of Jacqui’s unique creative process is impor tant, from her choice of high grade merino wools from Australia and New Zealand, to her visually soothing and naturally coloured palette and her considered and intensive techniques. Jacqui’s works embody the essence of the “slow craft” movement: beautiful raw and natural materials, manipulated by hand to create a unique and timeless beauty.


@jacquifink #Knitwell

#Knitwell for the benefit of our animals, our environment and our wellbeing.

Our choices matter.